The Tedious Adventures of Momo the Maintenance Mummy is a mouthful, but more importantly it is a Point and Click puzzle game created by me and 10 other developers over the course of two months. It is based on the game The Great Treasure Hunt, which is an educational, Point and Click game for children. The gameplay consists of traversing rooms in an old temple and solving puzzles to restore the temple's traps.


  • Point and Click Puzzle game

  • Developed in 8 weeks, half time

My Contributions

  • Level design in the form of room layouts and connections

  • Light LUA scripting in LÖVE

  • Puzzle design

  • Paper designs for testing purposes

  • Room blockouts in Maya


  • LÖVE 

  • Autodesk Maya 2018

The Team

Peter Nilsson - Level Designer

Hanna Mårtensson - Level Designer

Catarina Batista - Graphical Artist

Ludvig Ribbnäs - Graphical Artist

Erik Östsjö - Graphical Artist

Mikkel Ravnholt - Programmer

Filip Carkic - Programmer

Daniel Aladics - Programmer

Sebastian Grape - Programmer