Naud is a platformer game created by me and 10 other developers over the course of two months. It is based on Super Mario and is about a viking shieldmaiden that has died and, in her spirit, form fights to gain entry into Valhalla. The gameplay consists of platforming to get through the levels, jumping on enemies to defeat them, and collecting runes for score.


  • Platformer

  • Developed in 8 weeks, half time

My Contributions

  • Level Design 

  • Game Design

  • Creation of Tiled maps used as levels

  • Scripting in the form of manipulation of .json files


  • TGA 2D, in-house 2D game engine

  • Tiled

  • JSON

The Team

Peter Nilsson - Level Designer

Rickard Fjellvind - Level Designer

Erik Östsjö - Graphical Artist

Amanda Larsson Westerdahl - Graphical Artist

Ruben Dahlstrand - Graphical Artist

Manne Westermark - Graphical Artist

Eric Hildebrand - Programmer

Axel Hornay - Programmer

Sofie Palén - Programmer

Henrik Jönsson - Programmer