Old Puffer is a casual screen swiping game created in two days by me and 3 other developers during a game jam arranged by King and The Game Assembly. The game is about an old and decrepit pufferfish who can't find his way home, so it is up to the player to help him by swiping the screen to create water jets that send the fish flying across the screen. The game was developed with longevity in mind, and thus we created several different obstacles and mechanics that can be reused in different combinations to create a long lasting game with a lot of levels.

The game was awarded the King Game Jam's prize for best presentation, making it the game that the jury would be most likely to invest in.


  • Screen swiper, casual game

  • Developed in 2 days

My Contributions

  • Design of all levels

  • Game Design

  • Scripting in C#

  • Implementation of most game content


  • Unity

  • Visual Studio 2017

The Team

Peter Nilsson - Level Designer & Scripter

Olof Eneroth - Graphical Artist

Oliver Nyholm - Programmer

Alexander Aschan - Programmer