Wake Up is a Shoot ’em Up game created by me and 10 other developers over the course of two months. It is based on the Shoot ’em up-sequences of Cuphead, and our vision was to create a more organic and story-driven Shoot ’em up to contrast with most other games in the genre. The gameplay consists of using a parry mechanic to regain health or gain firepower, while combating various enemies and bosses.


  • Shoot ’em Up game

  • Developed in 8 weeks, half time

  • Created using in-house engine

My Contributions

  • Level Design in the form of enemy patterns, formations and spawns

  • Boss Design

  • Creation of Tiled maps used as levels

  • Scripting in the form of manipulation of .json files

  • Creation of a few in game props


  • TGA 2D, in-house 2D game engine

  • Tiled

  • JSON

  • Custom-made Spline editor

  • Autodesk Maya 2018

The Team

Peter Nilsson - Level Designer

Carl Palm - Level Designer

Catarina Batista - Graphical Artist

Amanda Larsson Westerdahl - Graphical Artist

Maximilian Erik Bergström - Graphical Artist

Alina Gromova - Graphical Artist

Frej Sjöström - Programmer

Niklas Andersson - Programmer

Daniel Aladics - Programmer

Sebastian Grape - Programmer

Martin Ström - Programmer