The Legend of Yuki is a top-down adventure game created by me and 10 other developers over the course of two months. It is based on the legendary adventure game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The gameplay is mostly focused on combat but also has some puzzle elements. The player also has several items for use, such as a boomerang for ranged attacks and a raft for traversing bodies of water.


  • Top-down adventure game

  • Developed in 8 weeks, half-time

My Contributions

  • Level Design 

  • Game Design

  • Creation of Tiled maps used as levels

  • Scripting in the form of manipulation of .json files


  • TGA 2D, in-house 2D game engine

  • Tiled

  • JSON

The Team

Peter Nilsson - Level Designer

Gustav Stigenius- Level Designer

Desiree Törn Almö - Graphical Artist

Manne Westermark - Graphical Artist

Torbjörn Lindfors - Graphical Artist

Daniel Aladics - Programmer

Kasper Andersson - Programmer

Mikkel Ravnholt - Programmer

Sofie Palén - Programmer

Oskar Kylvåg - Programmer